A Far Infrared Thermal Life Sauna ISN'T Just About RELAXATION! This sauna is recognized worldwide and is perhaps the MOST EFFECTIVE method of removing both heavy metal toxins and chemicals from the body. The health benefits of the Far Infrared Sauna is numerous and these include: Detoxification, Improved Cardiovascular Health, Weight Loss and Cellulite Control, Enhanced Immune System Health, Pain Relief, Stress Relief, and provides beautiful skin.

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The Thermal Life Far Infrared Sauna is widely recognized and highly recommended by many health practitioners. This sauna eliminates dangerous toxic heavy metals and chemicals from the body, while also boosting the immune system and cardiovascular function. It has successfully helped patients relieve symptoms of acidity and toxicity, remove the cause of chronic health problems, and restore the body back to a state of balance, where it can heal itself.

The knowledge and experience that High Tech Health has shows their commitment to providing a high quality sauna for over 15 years. This sauna has been designed to be the most effective and safest sauna for far infrared detoxification. They use hypoallergenic, premium poplar wood, state of the art bio resonance heaters, and a fresh air fan. These are used for even the most chemically sensitive individuals.

High Tech Health is so confident with their products that they guarantee complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the sauna for any reason, your may return it any time within 30 days of receipt for a full refund (not including shipping).


History of High Tech Health

High Tech Health was originally founded in August 1983 as a consulting company. They began their journey in Danville, California. In June 1994, they started selling their first water electrolyzers as High Tech H2O. Then they put up their online store the next year.  Their company soon started to flourish and year after year, they began developing and releasing new products. In 1998, they changed their name to High Tech Health, Inc. and they moved to Boulder, Colorado. The company continued to grow and in 2010, they are the first company to have carbon negative products. By 2016, High Tech Health is offering a variety of products and supplements.

Lifetime Warranty

A Lifetime Warranty covers the heaters, workmanship, and electronics on the Thermal Life Sauna. High Tech Health is the only company that has a Lifetime Warranty on a sauna for clinical use.


Thermal Life Far Infrared Saunas are typically shipped within 2 to 3 days of your order and take 7 to 10 working days to reach anywhere in the continental United States. Saunas can be shipped to anywhere in the world. All units are shipped pre-paid freight by truck from Los Angeles, California, by a major carrier and they will schedule a delivery date and time for delivery. They will deliver curb-side only for insurance reasons. Saunas are delivered as two boxes on a pallet and the shipment is insured, so be sure to inspect your package for giant holes and damage to the sauna (disregard minor areas that were roughed up). If the package and sauna has visible damage, reject the shipment and call High Tech Health for support. The shipments are heavy, so un-box and carry piece by piece. Protect the saunas by placing them in a location that is not susceptible to wet weather and you will need to purchase a canvas cover (sold separately) to protect it.


"No other company is as knowledgeable about detoxification and no other company specializes in providing the best medical-grade health solution for detoxification."